Wedding Photography

Trust Darrell to caputure that special day!

Wedding Photography

We can help you plan your photos! Let us help make some great suggestions.

Dance Recitals

Your child is really becoming a skilled dancer! Let us capture that with great photos.

Graduation Photos

All that hard work to graduate; celebrate with some great gradulation photos!

Buy Prints

We live in such a scenic province. Display that scenery at your home or office with our photos!

Family Portraits

Savour those moments while your children are still at home, and relive those memories with our family portraits.

Photography Lessons

Learn how to take great photos of your own. If you have a camera and still use auto, it's time to learn more about what your camera can do.

Dance Recitals

Dancers make such a great subject! Hire me to capture amazing photos of the recital or learn how to get those photos yourself with my photo lessions.

Child Photography

Capture your childs attitudes and moods, with a photoshoot for your child!

Child Portraits

We do photos of children of all ages.

Photo Lessons

Capture events and scenes that are important to you! Let me show you how to get your own great photos.

Location Photography

We can photoshoot anywhere. It's fun to do location shoots and sometimes capture a bit of attitude!