Photography Lessons

Formally Digital Boot Camp

We help You Make Great Photographs

Most of our camera based-courses are broken into two parts; the basic and intermediate.

In "The basics" will get you familiar with the tools and functions of your camera, while the intermediate take you through more conceptual learning. However, the basics is required prior to the intermediate (OR at least highly recommended). We won't force someone to do the basics first, however, if you haven't done a camera course before, or can't explain what the AF points are and how to select them, what ISO and White Balance are and how to select them on your camera, then the Basics is the place to start!

The "Intermediate" courses are designed for someone who has an understanding of the scene modes, can explain what the AF points are and how to select them, can describe what ISO is and how to select it, explain white balance and knows how to select it, and can explain a focus and recompose technique, but needs more information as relates to acheiving creative goals with your camera (blurring backgrounds, depth of field, freezing motion, blurring motion), and solving unexpected problems.

I also provide training with "Photoshop / Photoshop Elements", "Adobe Lightroom", "and Studio and Flash Lighting". Our computer software training courses are BYOC (bring your own computer).

I am focused on exposing Newfoundlanders to the world of Digital SLR photography; pardon the punn. We are more than willing to travel the island to put off our courses for arts and crafts groups, photo clubs, galleries, pretty much any organization.

Our workshops are presented via high tech KeyNote software, LCD TV for illustration of the camera's menu systems, and we come with plenty of patience and willingness to help!

Photography Class

If you still use your Camera in AUTO mode; you'll be amzed at how much more you can get out of your camera with our workshops.

You'll learn (in Basic):

  • Camera Controls
  • Shooting
  • Playback
  • Scene Modes
  • Programmed Auto
  • Focus
  • Flash
  • ISO
  • Exposure Compensation
  • White Balance

You'll learn (in Intermediate):

  • Shutter & Aperture
  • Equivelant Exposures
  • Shutter & Aperture Priority
  • File Data
  • Lens Selection
  • More on ISO
  • Metering
  • Exposure Lock & Bracket
  • Histogram
  • RAW files


There are no second chances when it comes to wedding photography. There are no re-dos if it takes your photographer a while to get the great shots. When chance these special photos to an ameteur. This is one area where professional equipment really does make a difference! Call me to find out why!

Photography Lessons

Most peopole have a DSLR camera these days; unfortunaly, they rarely progress past AUTO mode, and if that's the case, it's just as well to use and iPhone. The camera phone is to Photography as the two-minute noodles are to cooking. But some people think two minute noodles are amazing!