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Buy my Images of our Beautiful Province

You can buy photography work of Darrell Young; a local photographer, living in St. John's, North America's Oldest City, in Canada's most easterly province.

Darrell is professionally trained by the New York Institute of Photography's Professional Photographer program; it teaches everything photographers need to know about the art, technique, and business of photography. The program is a correspondence course, comprising of 36 units, and usually takes most students approximately three years to complete.

Darrell uses high end photography equipment for his photography. This includes: Canon DSLR camera, 10mm to 22mm wide angle lenses for landscapes, 135mm L series lense for portraits, as well as an assortment of specialty lenses.

Also included in the equipment is an assortment of accessories such as a very sturdy Manfrotto tripod; ensuring that there is no camera shake in the prints. Remote shutter cable release so pushing the shutter button creates no camera movement.

Darrell uses Apple's Mac computers, complete with Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 for editing. All photos can use a little Photoshop love! Many images are HDR (High Dynamic Range) or dual exposures creating a simulated Graduated Neutral Density Filter effect.


There are no second chances when it comes to wedding photography. There are no re-dos if it takes your photographer a while to get the great shots. When chance these special photos to an ameteur. This is one area where professional equipment really does make a difference! Call me to find out why!

Photography Lessons

Most peopole have a DSLR camera these days; unfortunaly, they rarely progress past AUTO mode, and if that's the case, it's just as well to use and iPhone. The camera phone is to Photography as the two-minute noodles are to cooking. But some people think two minute noodles are amazing!