Photographer for Hire

Book me to shoot your Wedding Photos, Engagement Photos, or any other Special Event

There will always be someone who will do it for less

... But do you really want to trust the photos of one of the most important days of your lives, to the lowest bidder? These keepsakes are what you will use to remember those magical moments; let use ensure the highest quality keepsakes!

Darrell offers:

  • Professionally Trained (NYIP)
  • High End Professional Camera
  • High End L-Series Lenses
  • Co-Operative Personality
  • Digital Negatives with Copyrights
  • Flexible Schedules

Hire a Professional for Your Event

I simply love being able to capture memories that will last you and your family a lifetime.

I fully appreciate how important it is to be able to look back on major milestones in our lives. Whether it be the excitement and love of an engagement or being able to tell the story of your wedding day, I would be honoured to be there documenting every moment. Please contact me with confidence to get a quote on your event.

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There are no second chances when it comes to wedding photography. There are no re-dos if it takes your photographer a while to get the great shots. When chance these special photos to an ameteur. This is one area where professional equipment really does make a difference! Call me to find out why!

Photography Lessons

Most peopole have a DSLR camera these days; unfortunaly, they rarely progress past AUTO mode, and if that's the case, it's just as well to use and iPhone. The camera phone is to Photography as the two-minute noodles are to cooking. But some people think two minute noodles are amazing!